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Quick local links ......

UK weather map (zoom in)

Key to Met Office weather symbols

Dartmoor Weather web site 

From local ............

Local webcams - live link the Dartcom cam

Acknowledgement: Grateful thanks to Dartcom for permission to use their webcam on this page
  Dartmoor Webcam

Powdermills, near Postbridge

The image refreshes every 10 minutes

Looking NNW over the moors with Longaford Tor, Higher White Tor and Lower White Tor in the distance.

Haytor - Current weather and past records incl. web cam ***

Metcheck - Princetown, Dartmoor - check this ..... with meaningful animations

Moretonhampstead Weather Forecast - from World Weather Online - scroll down to see the whole page - hour-by-hour & up to 15 day forecasts

BBC Devon weather - this page also has a 9-day summary, rain, cloud, temp. and wind display system similar to the Met Office (see above) - Plymouth - 6 day forecast

Jet stream web sites

Net weather jet stream forecast - for those who can read meaning into it (see previous link)
- if the jet stream is north of the UK, we usually have good weather

Metcheck - jetstream

Forest of Dean weather - information about why the jet stream controls UK weather

............ to global

UK Met Office extras ......

Click HERE for animated satellite imagery of visible cloud cover over the UK, Atlantic and near continent

This is brilliant - if you press the play icon, 13 EUMETSAT images play the weather sequence for the last 3 hours will run as a movie so that you can see what is happening with the cloud / rain trend (no images are displayed during the hours of darkness)

..... and HERE for infra-red satellite and rain


UTC - Coordinated Universal Time 

Time, zones and offsets

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