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This walk: 2015-6-8. A short walk to Little Mis Tor and Great Mis Tor.

Google Satellite view of the area - including the GPS track of the walk.

Previous walk in this area: 15th April 2015 - many more photographs.  


Great Mis Tor (left), Little Mis Tor (left), it was cool and windy.


Litle Little Mis Tor (left), Great Mis Tor (centre, distant) and Little Mis Tor (right).


As previous photograph.


Great Mis Tor (centre) seen from Little Mis Tor.


Little Mis Tor, SX 564 763, elevation 480 metres (1574 feet) .....


Great Mis Tor seen from Little Mis Tor.


Part of Great Mis Tor, SX 563 769, elevation 538 metres (1765 feet) - the stone is a boundary stone of the Forest of Dartmoor. The higher we went, the cooler it became with the wind being quite strong and penetrating - this is "Flaming June"!


On top of Great Mis looking north at the highest stone that contains Mistor Pan (a weathered hollow basin on the top): Great Links Tor can be seen )left of centre) 9.91 km (6.16 miles) distant.




Self-explanatory sign.


Range Clearing Officer's hut and it's view over Merrivale Firing Range with Fur Tor visible, one-third the distance in from the right edge of the photograph, at SX 58747 83058, elevation 572 metres (1876 feet), 6.46 km (4.01 miles) distant.


Range Officer's hut with the pony stable nearby (right).


Looking back at the flagpole.


Looking towards the car park (the trees near the right edge) .....


Slightly zoomed view .....


Zoomed view.





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