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This walk: 2014-7-24. Burrator, with Anna and Chloe.


Burrator Dam .....



Burrator Dam.


Near the dam.


The two-level drinking trough, with upper trough for ponies and cattle and a lower trough for sheep and dogs.  Now, sadly not maintained.


Burrator waterfall, where excess water from Devonport Leat (not wanted for the SWW water treatment works at Dousland) is fed into the reservoir.


The origin of the waterfall.


At the waterfall.


The waterfall.

After the waterfall, we visited the newly-opened Burrator Discovery Centre.


Hazel nuts.


Norsworthy blowing house, where tin ore was ground and smelted, using water power from the River Meavy.


Leather Tor Bridge, overlooking the ancient ford and Riddipit Steps (stepping stones).


Closer view.


At the entrance to Leather Tor Farm potato cave .....


Inside the potato cave.


The ruins of Leather Tor Farm .....


The lunchtime picnic.