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This walk: 2012-6-8. A visit to Shipley Bridge, River Avon in spate, rhododendrons, Meynell memorial, Hunter's Stone.

Walk details below - Information about the route etc.

Link to Google Satellite view of the area - The Shipley Bridge car park can be seen near the centre bottom of the aerial view. The view (before you zoom in etc.) covers almost the same area as the map at the bottom of this page.

This walk is a repeat of the one undertaken on 17th April 2012 - this earlier walk has more textual detail.


The following photographs and movies all show the River Avon in spate .....


As previous photo .....


As previous photo.


Rhododendron, beautiful but a ticking time-bomb in the countryside .....


Colour variations in the rhododendron plants .....


Dartmoor CAM movie. TIPS .....
  • once viewing, make movie viewer "Full Screen"

  • click the loop or "continuous play" icon (if there is one)

  • press F11 to make more "Full Screen", remembering to press it again to regain Normal Screen.


Click the photo to download

File size: 4.2 MB.
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Length 24 secs
These movies all show the River Avon in spate after a weekend of bad weather, starting with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Weekend and continuing through the week .....

File size: 4 MB.
Time to download: e.g. 7 secs
Length 23 secs

File size: 8.1 MB.
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Length 49 secs

File size: 6.7 MB.
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Length 40 secs


More river .....


More rhododendron .....


As previous photograph.


The touching memorial to Mary Meynell among the ruins of Brent Moor House, it is described in full detail on the web page for the walk on 17th April 2012 ..... 3/4 way down the page .....                 


Another view .....


Closer view.


More rhododendron .....


As previous photograph .....


As previous photograph .....


Another shrub .....


As previous photograph .....


As previous photograph.  


A section of a truly dead tree .....


As previous photograph.


 The Hunter's Stone, SX 68143 63185, here since 1948, described in full detail on 9th February 2012 - 3/4 way down the page .....


Showing the Hunter's Stone in context.


Walk details

MAP:  Red = GPS satellite track of the walk.

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This walk was reached by exiting the A38 at South Brent (Exeter side) at the exit for Avonwick, Totnes and Paington. Drive north from the roundabout up towards the moor, straight across Harbourneford Cross, left at Gingaford Cross, pass a road going off on the left, follow the road to the car park at Shipley Bridge, marked by the  P  symbol and yellow cross on the map.




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