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This walk: 2010-6-19. A wet, misty day: cockchafer (May bug), oak, bluebells, Yeo Farm, 1610 lintel, Burrator Wood, step stile, string-of-sausages lichen, Sheeptor church, Sheeps Tor, walling, gorse, Cuckoo Flower aka Lady's Smock, ponies.

Walk details below - Information about the route etc.


Seen outside the backdoor on the way to the walk - a cockchafer beetle, May bug, Melolontha melolontha.


Fresh, young oak leaves (English or Common oak, Quercus robur aka Q. pedunculata) - the leaves are lobed at the base where they join the petiole (leaf stalk) - see top left area of the photo.


A view along the path near the car park.


Bluebells, Hyacinthoides non-scripta, seen on a hedge.


Bluebells - close-up.


Yeo Farm.


An old lintel - 1610 AD, with IW and T below.


A sunken lane near Yeo Farm.


Bluebells in Burrator Wood.


Bluebells in Burrator Wood.


Bluebells in Burrator Wood.


Bluebells in Burrator Wood.


Bluebells in Burrator Wood.


A rare white variant of the bluebells in Burrator Wood.


Bluebells in Burrator Wood.


Dartmoor CAM movie

Bluebells in Burrator Wood


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A well-made step stile over a hedge.


String-of-sausages-lichen, Usnea articulata, a fruticose lichen (branched shrub-like thallus, attached by a holdfast).


As previous.


Looking back to the step-stile, in the corner of the field.


Sheepstor Church in the mist, with Sheeps Tor behind.


Another view of the church at Sheepstor.


An example of walling.


Gorse - with raindrop on the camera lens! This is probably Western gorse, Ulex galli, judging from the low, branching nature.


Gorse flowers in the mist .....


Gorse flowers.


As previous photo.


A recent piece of wall repair.


Cuckoo Flower (Lady's Smock), Cardamine pratensis.


As previous photo.


A hazard of parking on Dartmoor - ponies!


As previous photo.


Walk details

MAP: Red = GPS satellite track of the walk.

Ordnance Survey © Crown copyright 2005. All rights reserved. Licence number 100047373.
Also, Copyright © 2005, Memory-Map Europe, with permission.


The walk was accessed via Yelverton > Dousland > near Meavy or Plympton > Cadover Bridge direction. Car parking was at the small disused quarry indicated by the yellow cross on the map known as Ringmoor Cott.


Distance - 3.4 km / 2.13 miles



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