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This walk: 2008-9-18. Postbridge, Bellever Forest, Krap's Ring, cists, cairn circles, cairn circles & cists, stone row, Lakehead Hill, Bellever Tor.

Walk details below - Information about the route etc.


Yellow fungus growing among the leaf litter and tree stumps in the conifer plantation. Identification c/o Phil Page: a cup fungus, a Clavaria or a Clavulinopsis - probably Clavulinopsis corniculata, one of what were formerly known as Homobasidiomycetes (otherwise known as 'Aphyllophorales' ) ..... this group also includes Chanterelles and Hedgehog Fungi. Thank you, Phil.


A general view in the conifer plantation.


Upper edge of Krap's Ring, SX 64415 78096. The stones are almost hidden in the long grass.


Recalcitrant with three blood-hounds under training in the background.


Cairn circle, SX 64361 4 meters, not very obvious.


The cist at SX 64261 77701 5 meters..


Stone row at SX 64385 77661 5 meters. There is another (better) photo on the 9 June 2008 walk. There is a blocking stone at the far end of this row.


Cairn circle with cist, SX 64500 77611 5 meters. Again, see the 9 June 2008 walk.


Close-up of the cist in the previous photo.


One of a double circle at SX 64362 77473 6 meters, see next .....


The second circle, containing a cist.


Interior view of the cist - where someone left his pipe behind while laying down to take the photo!


View of Bellever Tor while walking south towards the Lych Way.


A clump of moss seen at the southernmost part of the GPS track while approaching the "Settlements & Field System" on the map, where we turned back because of the hard 'going'.


Another view of the moss.


Isolated cist at the forest edge, at SX 64108 76472 8 meters.


View while climbing Bellever Tor from the south.


Another view of the tor structure.


Panoramic view from Bellever Tor, looking north (at right) around towards the west (at left). Click on the image for a larger view.


Ron at the trig. point on Bellever Tor, hardly Helvellyn! Higher White Tor (527 m/1728 ft, 3.22 km/2 miles distant), at the right with Longaford Tor (507 m/1663 ft), just right of the trig. point.


Yes, my pipe was still there when we got back to the double circle at SX 64362 77473 6 meters.


No comment .....


Cist at SX 64717 77179 5 meters. This cist was missed during my map-and-compass practice and was photographed on Sat. 20 Sep.


Cist at SX 64724 77397 5 meters. Just two parallel upright slabs.


This is the small green-dotted footpath leading back towards Postbridge, a veritable motorway of a path!


Walk details

MAP: Blue = planned route, Red = GPS satellite track of the actual walk.

The blue lines are the compass or GPS bearings. The red line is the route actually walked: it deviates sometimes from the blue lines to avoid obstacles such as thick bracken, gorse, bogs or clitter, and often to use paths or animal tracks that are not on the map. It may also be shorter than the planned (blue) route if the walk is curtailed for some reason.

Reproduced from Dartmoor OS Explorer map 1:25 000 scale by permission of Ordnance Survey
on behalf of The Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office.
© Crown copyright. All rights reserved. Licence number 100047373.
Also, Copyright © 2005, Memory-Map Europe, with permission


The road from Plymouth was easy 'main' road. Parking was at the main car park across the road from the telephone symbol at the top of the map image. This park has toilets and the Dartmoor Information Centre.


Distance - 8.67 km / 5.39 miles
Start 10.41 am, Finish 2.57 pm, Duration 4 hr 16 min
Moving average 3.5 kph / 2.2 mph; Overall average 2 kph / 1.25 mph.



All photographs on this web site are copyright ©2007-2016 Keith Ryan.
All rights reserved - please email for permissions

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