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Walk details below - Information about the route etc.

This walk: 2007-4-18 from Dunnabridge Pound at SX 64610 74628 via Outer Huccaby Ring, Huccaby Tor, (Huccaby Ring), Huccaby Cottage, Huccaby Farm, Hexworthy Bridge, Forest Inn, Gobbet tin Mine cutting(?), stepping stones (2 sets) and back to Dunnabridge Pound.

The circular outline of Dunnabridge Pound at SX 64610 74628. I parked at a  P  symbol on the map at SX 64180 74630 although there is some off-road parking where the car is in the photo.


Entrance to Dunnabridge Pound.


Sheltered seat in the Pound, presumably for  the pound keeper.


Laughter Tor, off to the left of the walk, at SX 65280 75690, after leaving Brownberry Newtake.


General view south along the path towards Outer Huccaby Ring.


View from the same point towards North Hessary Tor, with the TV mast.


View north along the edge of Outer Huccaby Ring (SX 65578 74460), rather overgrown with gorse etc.


"Gate 2" on the map below, at SX 65665 74180.


Huccaby Tor detail (SX 65668 73998).


Huccaby Tor.


Huccaby Cottage (SX 66040 73568).


B3357 road junction (Huccaby Cross - actually a T-junction) to Hexworthy at SX 66395 73398.


As previous.


Chapel of St Raphael (SX 66278 73040).


Chapel interior, note the fireplace - the chapel doubled as a school in former times.


Looking back at the chapel.


West Dart River.


View south from Hexworthy Bridge (SX 65885 72885).


Hexworthy Bridge.


The Forest Inn (SX 65495 72648) - a welcome sight on a hot day, especially when you leave the planned route and stay on the road - it is steep uphill!


The "pimple" north-east in the distance is possibly Littaford or Beardown Tor, from SX 64965 72820.


The cutting by Gobbett Tine Mine Tunnel.


Next Christmas's yuletide log at SX 64720 73113? Note the rucksack for scale.


Another view - I counted precisely 100 annual rings, although there may have been another at the bark.


The first stepping stones at SX 64680 73140, easy ones.


The path northwards towards the main stepping stones.


A pleasant valley view, en route to the main stepping stones.


32 stepping stones at SX 64815 73708 - note that some are conical!


Looking back, you can see two conical stones.


A quiet river view, West Dart River, near confluence with the River Swincombe.

Walk details

Reproduced from Dartmoor OS Explorer map 1:25 000 scale by permission of Ordnance Survey
on behalf of The Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office.
© Crown copyright. All rights reserved. Licence number WL 10021.
Also, Copyright © 2005, Memory-Map Europe, with permission

This walk was modified after Walk 35 in the book, Walk! Dartmoor by Kate & Allan Hobbs ISBN 1-904946-12-7 12.99.

The walk starts from the B3357 road, this is a good road - unlike some approaches to walks on Dartmoor. Parking was easy at the  P  symbol on the map at SX 64610 74628. The blue route is 4.8 miles, although my red track measured by Memory Map was 6.5 miles. The difference is largely from departing from the route at Hexworthy Bridge and going to the pub by road (it was a hot day!), however, this was longer. The walk was actually very pleasant although I somehow planned the walk to pass by the broad path at SX 65118 75033 and took a slightly longer, cross-(rough)-country route. Also, I didn't park at the Pound. The pub was a welcome break on what was a very hot day for April! A lovely pint and hot crusty roll, although a shandy would have been more sensible!

Memo to self - carry more water .....