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Walk details below - Information about the route etc.

This walk: 2007-4-12 from Shipley Bridge (SX 68070 62890) to the Avon Dam (SX 68000 652502) and back on the same track.

This was a simple walk along a tarmaced track that did not pass any major landmark items although it was a beautiful day and enough sights were seen and photographed!


A gnarled tree near the car park


A view up-river (River Avon)


A view down-river from the same place


An impressive area where the river opens inot a wide bed


General view up the valley where the sheltered part finishes and open moorland beckons


Gorse in flower


Another path view - this is a very easy level walk until you reach the dam


A small stream


The Avon dam




Another view

Ancient settlement now on the bank of the reservoir - hut circles are clearly visible. Believed Huntingdon Barrow (SX 66205 66915) on the horizon just right of centre.


A settlement nearby, on the slope overlooking the reservoir


Another view of the dam from higher ground


Remains of a settlement back down the valley


Another view of the settlement - an old farm, perhaps?


Striking old conifer trees near the car park. There is a beautiful old Scots pine to the left of this view.

Walk details  

The car park was at Shipley Bridge at the  P  symbol below (SX 68070 62890). Access is best from the turn-off from the A38 at the junction named "Marley Head" where the A385 goes to Avonwick, Totnes & Paignton. Drive north from the junction onto the moor. At the first junction (called Harbourneford Cross) go straight across the cross roads using the left road (there is a smaller road across to the right - ignore it). Follow this narrow lane with passing places uphill until it bends SHARP left (this is called Gingaford Cross). Follow this road (ignore a road off to the left to Lutton) until you come to a picturesque spot with a tiny bridge. Go over the bridge and IMMEDIATELY turn right into the car park. This route is MUCH better than going via South Brent village centre and then using the back lanes to the bridge from the other direction!

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