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This walk: 2010-6-2. Middleworth Farm, shippen, hayloft, Heath Speedwell, track towards Deancombe, approach to Deancombe Farm, possible pigsty, granite trough, Deancombe Farm remains, String of sausages lichen (Usnea articulata), Spotted Wood butterfly, rare giant granite mushroom - otherwise known as staddle stones, grinding stone for sharpening farm implements and tools, Cuckoo Rock, unknown plant, second set of staddle stones at Deancombe, a conifer tree growing in / on an oak tree, Narrator Brook, bluebells, mortar stones, Heath Spotted Orchid, orange fungus, Outholme Farm, shaped granite mullion; Down Tor, Leather, Sharpitor,  Combeshead Farm cave, cache, growan, hawthorn blossom, Hingston stone row, cairn circle, Burrator reservoir, sheep.

Walk details below - Information about the route etc.

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Photos - Jim, Captions - Liz.

The next four photos show the potato cave at Combeshead, built out of the growan and used for the storage of root vegetables.


Once inside there is a domed ceiling.


The entrance is a carefully built tunnel, approximately 2 meters long, lined with granite and with a lintel.


Domed ceiling carved out of the growan.


Jim getting down and dirty.


Cache or store at Combeshead Farm.




The old farmhouse at Combeshead .....




Hawthorn blossom, Cretaegus monogyna.


The next four photos show the potato cave at Combeshead, built out of the growan and used for the storage of root vegetables.


Not quite as high as the other cave!


Plenty of room inside.


Come on in.


Well built entrance.


Approaching Hingston stone row.


The tall terminal stone with stones from the cairn circle to the left.


Looking north east down the row.


Isobel Jan Moira


Tim, Kay & Jess Sue and friend


Suzi and Liz


Looking back down over Burrator reservoir.


Ever wish the ground would open and swallow you up – well here’s the place! SX 571 693; the sign said mine shaft. A gate had been placed over the dark and dangerous ‘ole and it was roped off.


View into the dark and dangerous hole!


Baa .....


Baa .....


White sheep.


Walk details

MAP: Red = GPS satellite track of the walk.

Ordnance Survey © Crown copyright 2005. All rights reserved. Licence number 100047373.
Also, Copyright © 2005, Memory-Map Europe, with permission.

Parking was at Norsworthy Bridge car park, the  P  symbol on the map. This is reached via the road from Dousland, by driving past the dam around to the far end of the reservoir.


Distance - 6.3 km / 3.85 miles.

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