Dartmoor Exploration Committee

of The Devonshire Association
For the Advancement of Science, Literature and Art
(Founded 1862)


The Dartmoor Exploration Committee was founded from the Barrow Committee of the Devonshire Association which had been set up to investigate barrows etc. in Devon (but not on Dartmoor).

D.E.C. 1st Report (Grimspound) 1894, continued annually until 11th Report 1906.

There is a further reference: Worth, R. Hansford, Twelfth Report of the Dartmoor Exploration Committee, T.D.A. Vol. 67 pp.115-30 (1935).

DEC members included .....

  • Mr Robert Burnard - 1893, dug huts at Broadun and Broadun Ring with .....

  • Rev. Sabine Baring-Gould

  • Richard Nicholls Worth, joined them in 1894, along with .....

  • Rev. W.A. Gordon Gray

  • Dr. Arthur B. Prowse and

  • R Hansford Worth, in later years they were joined by ......

  • Mr J Brooking-Rowe

  • Mr John Duke Pode

  • Rev. George B. Berry

  • Mr John Sparke Amery

  • Rev. Irvine K. Anderson

  • Mr Basil H. Thomson

Source for the Committee above: Worth's Dartmoor, page 2.

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Dartmoor Exploration Committee was nothing to do with Dartmoor Preservation Association, founded 1883.

The Plymouth Institution (and Plymouth Atheneum) was founded in 1812.

The Devon & Exeter Institution was founded in 1813.