A Portuguese Two Host Tick
Hyalomma m. marginatum

Dartmoor Tick Watch
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Ornate Cow Tick
Dermacentor reticulatus


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Dartmoor Tick Watch record sheet

Collector (name, farm, stables, kennels or practice):                                                   Date:
u Collector details will not be passed on - only ticks & their locations

Collector’s tel. or email: 

IMPORTANT - Location tick found – map reference or name area e.g. village, tor, common, wood etc:
Important also for Health Protection Agency survey - for tick statistics, pathogen analysis & health warnings

Please ‘tick’ appropriate boxes for host & habitat:

Tick on animal:              sheep c   cow c  pony c  dog c  cat c  hedgehog c  other:
Tick on person:              boy
c  girl c  man c  woman c  (under/over 16)  
Tick on vegetation:         bracken
c  tall grass c  or other c  please state:
Tick on ground:              bare soil
c  grazed grass c  leaf-litter c 

May I acknowledge your participation on the web site “Thanks” page? Yes c   No c                       
Please add any comments or notes here or on the back of this sheet.

Contact: Dr Keith Ryan 01752 405245       email: kpryan@btinternet.com          www.dartmoorticks.co.uk



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