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Hyalomma m. marginatum

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Photos - 2


Comparing the anterior-ventral appearances of sheep and hedgehog tick nymphs
Sheep tick nymph anterior-ventral surface

Note relatively longer palps, dark auriculae (dark, backward pointing spurs behind palp - blue pointers) and dark spurs on coxa 1 - white pointers

Hedgehog tick nymph anterior-ventral surface

Tick 1176 - Note relatively shorter palps, lack of auriculae, lack of prominent spurs on coxa 1 and seemingly rounded appearance of the coxae

Hedgehog tick (Ixodes hexagonus) - male
showing the ventral surface (Tick 1036)
Vole tick (Ixodes trianguliceps) nymph. Note the vestigial lateral projection on the base of the palp
(Ticks 1510-1513)
Nymph foot showing the terminal claws, highly magnified (x1,000 on the microscope)

Chelicerae claws that cut into the host, x100 on the microscope. Scale: The gap between the outer rings is 2.5 mm (2/1,000th mm) - the tips are much smaller than that - incredibly sharp!


Hywel Parry-Jones, 2009

Mystery beetle that landed on the blanket in Yarner Wood, 10 May 2009.
Later Identified via www.allaboutbeetles.co.uk as
Rhagium mordax, a longhorn beetle.
(My thanks to Hywel for the photo and to Sarah Beynon for the identification)

Tick 2432 on own wrist on 2 July 2009

Tick 2432 on own wrist on 2 July 2009

Cyst on a leg, formed after failing to remove tick mouthparts about 15 years ago, stable for many years. Photographed 25 June 2008

Tick bite rash (Lyme disease?) - on a leg
Photographed 30th June 2009

Sheep Tick (no. 2434, 9.20 mm) laying eggs in collecting dish. Photographed 4 July 2009.

Sheep Tick eggs in collecting dish.
Photographed 4 July 2009.

Tick 3274 (Sheep tick nymph) on own upper forearm
1 Sep 2009

Ticks 4019-4111 - one female with one male mating
and one male attempting. Photographed 17 Jan 2010.




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