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Electron microscope images

Sheep tick - Ixodes ricinus


Click here for: larva, nymph, male, female, mating ticks and comparing mouthparts photographs

These photos were taken on the JEOL 5600LVSEM scanning electron microscope at the University of Plymouth Electron Microscopy Centre on 10th August 2009.

Dorsal view - adult female


Dorsal view - showing capitulum with central
hypostome, chelicerae, pedipalps and porose areas


Porose areas with lateral cornuae


Similar dorsal view of another female


Ventral view of female capitulum


As at left - debris on the hypostome


Female aperture (top) and anus (below)


Spiracle, partly hidden


Female aperture


Spiracle detail




Ventral view of female capitulum, note chelicerae
largely obscured


Anterior view of hypostome with chelicerae at sides


Left leg 1, with Haller's organ, note extra pores
towards the foot


Haller's organ, with sensillae (hairs) and sensory pit


Haller's organ detail


Acknowledgement: My thanks to the staff of the University of Plymouth Electron Microscopy Centre, Dr Roy Moate, Peter Bond and Glenn Harper, for enabling me to take these photographs.




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