A Portuguese Two Host Tick
Hyalomma m. marginatum

Dartmoor Tick Watch
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Ornate Cow Tick
Dermacentor reticulatus


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Dartmoor Tick Watch collecting kit


Tick collection / storage kit

Plastic Petri dishes (55 mm)
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Millipore (UK) Ltd


Plastic bags
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Agar Scientific Ltd

Filter papers
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Whatman plc


Collecting dish with four ticks and a 50 pence coin and ruler to show size

This is a lightweight plastic Petri dish with a tight-fitting lid that appears to be tick-escape proof. The re-sealable plastic bag is to ensure that the dish and lid stay together and as a secondary containment in the unlikely event of the dish and lid coming apart. It also houses the data sheet - see sample under Record sheet.



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