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This walk: 2007-10-4 - Burrator - Middleworth Farm - Deancombe Farm - Cuckoo Rock - Blowing House - Adit - Shaft - Cist on Sheepstor Common

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Middleworth Farm, SX 57210 69178


A view up the valley from the track after Middleworth Fram


Sign at SX 57925 68800 showing Public Bridleway Middleworth Farm, Public Bridleway Sheepstor Common & Public Footpath Combeshead Farm (as spelt on the signpost, compare with Combshead Tor on the map)


Path down from the signpost to Sheepstor Common


A view of the ruins of Deancombe Farm, just after the signpost


Another view of Deancombe Farm


First view of Cuckoo Rock


Zoomed view


Cuckoo Rock, SX 58471 68720 ('fixed' by GPS)


View from Cuckoo Rock path of Leather Tor (left, SX 56275 69988) and Sharpitor (right, SX 55970 70330)


Another view from the same place, showing Sheeps Tor (SX 56550 68240)


View from behind Cuckoo Rock towards Sheeps Tor


Another large rock behind Cuckoo Rock


View down from previous rock towards Burrator Reservoir


Footbridge down the bridleway from the signpost, this is at SX 57880 68665


Ruins of the blowing house at SX 57992 68620 ('fixed' by GPS)


Double mortar stone in the ruins, this would have been used for crushing the tin ore. This whole area is covered with moss (this is a correction: I had previously called this a mould stone, these would have been used for casting the molten tin into ingots for transport).


Nearby walled structure at SX 58007 68620, possibly an old enclosure or a building


Site of a second blowing house on the map at SX 57765 68575, it is possible that the label on the map simply refers to the blowing house mentioned above, the are is very overgrown


Possible location of the adit marked on the map at SX 57772 68415, I looked around the area but could not find the entrance. The side of the valley is quite steep here.


View from the path above the adit area, looking down into the valley


Another view from the same place, towards Down Tor


Possible location of the shaft marked on the map, SX 57787 68333 - couldn't find it, perhaps luckily?! I 'fell' down an old shaft in my youth when the cap covering it gave way and my legs went down into empty space - a nearby fir tree half-disappeared down the shaft.


Lichen on a tree in this area


View from the cist on Sheepstor Common (at SX 57994 68279, by GPS, see map etc below) towards Combshead Tor (as spelt on the map). Cuckoo Rock is visible near the left of the photo, among the brown bracken, just below the skyline, with the other prominent rock behind it, almost on the skyline.


View from the cist towards Down Tor, the TV mast at North Hessary Tor is visible behind Down Tor


View of the cist, lookng towards Leather Tor and Sharpitor (towards the right)


View from the cist looking towards Sheeps Tor


View of the wood corner at SX 57789 68288, looking towards Sheeps Tor


View along the wood edge looking towards the road/Burrator Reservoir


View from the old wall at SX 56930 68640 back along the track looking south-east towards the cist (a long way out of sight)


Zoomed view of the area in the previous photo


Finally, approaching the road, a view of Leather Tor, with Sharpitor behind



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