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The last working wood-and-stone gate working on Dartmoor
photographed at Coxtor Farm on 5th October 2011, but now defunct


At SX 52171 76240, R Hansford Worth (1967), Worth's Dartmoor, David & Charles, Newton Abbot, page 356-(359)-361  .....   "There is a wood-and-stone gate at Cockstor in the parish of Petertavy, at the east end of the Cockstor moor-lane (6-in. O.S., sheet cvi, NW., lon. 4-5'-15", lat. 50-33'-46")."   Note the positional reference is in latitude and longitude.


A different view of this very rare farm gate.


The upright stancheon in this case completely penetrates the granite hanger stone.Gate hanger stones are heavy enough to counterbalance the weight of the gate and are normally laid on top of the hedge or wall, rather than being built into it.


The base of the gate is set into a base stone, this was usually with an iron pin, otherwise the wood would wear away. 


Gate hanger stone, this was the only working example on the moor.


Through the gate and about 600 metres down the lane is Headlands Farm Cross, a waymarker on the route to Peter Tavy Church, missing one arm, in the hedge at SX 51645 76165.

This cross is recorded as .....
Coxtor Farm Cross
by FH (Harry) Starkey (1983), Dartmoor Crosses & Some Ancient Tracks, FH Starkey, pages 125-126
Coxtor Gate Cross
by Tim Sandles (1997), A Pilgtimage to Dartmoor's Crosses, Forest Publishing, Newton Abbot, pages 30-31
Coxtor Cross by Bill Harrison (2001),
Dartmoor Stone Crosses, Devon Books, Halsgrove Publishing, pages 197-198.


Image reproduced by kind permission of Dartmoor Archive
See the Dartmoor Archive image online HERE

"In 1979, during heavy snow, this cross was substantially damaged by a tractor. It was removed by the Dartmoor National Park and repaired, and then replaced in a safer situation - but still as a gatepost. Taylor's photograph, taken on 11/06/1940, of course records the undamaged cross in its original position."

The photograph above shows the cross used as a gatepost, in 1940. Masson Phillips described it in the gateway in 1937.

The gateway was widened and the cross was repaired by Dartmoor National Park. It was then reinstated to this safer position, near the gateway it had been used in.  Originally, the cross may have marked the nearby road between Peter Tavy and Moorshop.


Parts of a wood gate

HURR The main vertical of the gate from which the gate hangs

HEAD The second vertical

BACK Top rail of the gate

SPLEATS The remaining cross rails

BRACE Strengthening rail built diagonally across the gate. SINGLE~CROSS (2 braces)~DIAMOND





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