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Haus Waldfrieden

"The House of Laughter"

An entry in the house book (guest book), by a Canadian:

"In the days that come
When this time becomes more distant
It will also become more precious"



1978: The Seefeld cryo-workshops always started and ended with champagne, with a final reminder not to forget to smell the flowers.
From left - Walter Bilek, Klaus Neumann, Alan Curry, Peter Evennett, Prof. Hellmuth Sitte, Hon.FRMS (awarded 1993), Barbara Lord, unknown, Geoff Rushton and unknown.
Photo: Peter Evennett.


Hellmuth was a talented chef, in many senses!
Photo: Peter Evennett, 1978.


Hellmuth at work in the lecture room,
in his own inimitable style. Photo: 1992.



Haus Waldfrieden, in the snow.


The rebuilt farmhouse, Haus Waldfrieden, also functioned as a Hotel Garni.



Received from the Seefeld group, on being awarded my PhD (Doctor of Philosophy degree) in 1991.

This was celebrated the following year by means of a special dinner, see the following photographs .....


The usual Champagne Reception, and a toast to the new Doctor.


Keith & Berni (who was there by special invitation).


Prof. Anna Appiano (Uni. Milan, Italy), unknown, Dr. Ludwig Edelmann (Uni. Homburg, Germany) and unknown.


Hellmuth, trying a wine.


A toast with the Trimbach Gewurztraminer.


Keith, on his back legs - a good trick by this stage of the proceedings.


Proposing a toast to the man who inspired my own efforts in "cryo".


Whatever was said, it was funny!


KR thanking the kitchen staff, Klaus and Heidi Bernardi with Harald Sitte, another chef extraordinaire as he showed when staying with us in 1993.


A firm handshake for Harald .....


Kisses for Heidi.


Dr. Katharine Evennett and Dr. Peter Evennett, Hon.FRMS (awarded 1998), caught in attentive mode.
Photo: Rudolf Schmied, Bielefeld, Germany, 1993.


KR at the summit of Seefelder Spitze, elevation 2221 metres (7287 feet)
Photo: Peter Dockery, 1994.


KR ..... "on top of the world".
Photo: Peter Dockery, 1994.



Extract from a letter from Dr. Bob Greene, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, USA,
first met in Seefeld in 1986, then variously in Chicago (1992), Toronto and Charleston (1994) and Chicago (1997).
It refers to a ride in an old Buick convertible on a balmy, southern night, between courses in a meal, in Charleston.


From the last workshop, in 1998

Photos: Willi Zeimer, Köln, Germany


Harry and friend, always laughing .....


Of course, sometimes you can have too much laughing!


The following black and white photos are all from Anne Simpson, University of Sydney, Australia .....

From left: Connie Maugel, unknown, KR, Daničle Spehner (Strasbourg), Tim Maugel (University of Maryland, USA),
Lucy Puddeford and Toby Collins (Marine Biological Association, Plymouth, UK).


Prof. Hellmuth Sitte, Hon.FRMS.


Daničle Spehner (Strasbourg) and Keith Ryan.


Toby Collins, Plymouth, UK.


Ludwig Edelmann, University of Homburg, Germany.

Connie Maugel, Maryland, USA.


Keith Ryan, Marine Biological Association, Plymouth, UK.



Most cryo-workshops used up left-over liquid nitrogen in the "Ice Cream Show" ......

"More nitrogen, Ludwig"


"More stirring, Ludwig!"



The only photo I know of my "party trick" - KR drinking the left-over liquid nitrogen
Not to be undertaken without knowledge of first principles!



Keith, Tim, Daničle, Connie and Hellmuth.


The Last Roundup - still laughing.
Photos: Willi Zeimer, Köln, Germany



Fooling around to the last - interrupting someone's photo of Daničle and unknown friend (from this angle) with fellow pipe-smoker .....
Dr. Jan Leunissen, MD, Aurion, Wageningen, The Netherlands.


Another entry in the house book .....

"Like my husband, I have enjoyed immensely my
time in Seefeld.  It is impossible to say which I
enjoyed more, the mountains, the trip to Italy,
Ingrid's cooking, or the hospitality. 
Perhaps what I will remember most is the laughter"


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