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The photos on this page were taken on the 'recce' on 19th March 2015, when we walked beyond the Strollers turning back point and contionued to the next road, near Clifford Bridge.


River bank consolidation in progress.


"Maxwell's Silver Hammer" or "A bit of spit goes a long way!" ........................ did someone really think the noise made by this pair of hammer guys was a woodpecker in the distance??  After all, we did hear two yaffles (green woodpeckers) calling back and forth from different places at the same time. We also heard two woodpeckers hammering back and forth, probably the same two birds as were calling.


Standing in what may have been an old leat beside the path.


A typical path scene.


The shadow of an "arch" caught my eye.


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Some sunny day ................


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We thought this was Clifford Bridge but that is 130 metres along the road, NNW, turning left at Clifford Cross (roads).


This is a pointer on the gate.


Self-explanatory sign.


A nest.


A wide meadow.


Sea King helicopter.


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MAP: Red = GPS satellite track of the walk.

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Distance - 9.39 km / 5.84 miles covered today including the first part of the walk that led into the wrong valley. Moral - don't take the path from the car park!



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