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This walk: 2015-1-8. Extra photos to the walk from Cadover Bridge on the previous day, 7th January 2015.


Dartmoor CAM movie. TIP .....
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A movie of the River Plym at adover Bridge, panning downstream after a night of heavy rain.

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File size: 4.5 MB.
Length 28 secs


As above, zooming upstream of the bridge.

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File size: 2.6 MB.
Length 16 secs



Unidentified toadstools growing on gorse .....


View from a lower position.


Bound stone at SX 54411 64547: according to Dave Brewer (2002) Dartmoor Boundary Markers, Halsgrove, p. 236, there is a line of six bound stones from the nineteenth century marking the northern boundary of land owned by the National Trust centred on The Dewerstone, inscribed with an "L" signifying Lopes .....


Closer view .....


Closer view .....


The opposite face of the stones appears blank, as were the other two faces.


View from Wigford Down to Burrator Dam.


Wigford Down modern cairn and Hen Tor .....


The cairn, Hen Tor and what is probably Legis Tor to the left.


Old cjina clay pit now used for angling .....


The near end of the lake.


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