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This walk: 2009-7-18. Crock of Gold cairn circle and cist, Royal Hill summit cist, Blakey Tor East cist, Blakey Tor West cist.

Walk details below - Information about the route etc.


The Crock of Gold cairn circle and cist, at SX 61284 73075 5 metres. The removed cap stone is to the left, some stones of the circle that retained the earth covering of the grave are seen and the cist is behind .....


..... a view of the cist (a stone box grave) with the cap stone to the left.


Another view of the Crock of Gold.


Royal Hill Summit cist, at SX 61297 72792 4 metres.


Royal Hill Summit Cist.


Blakey Tor East cist, at SX 61310 73558 4 metres.  Another cist, Blakey Tor West cist, is located at SX 61237 73555 4 metres, 80 metres away (see below).


Blakey Tor West cist, at SX 61237 73555 4 metres.


Blakey Tor West cist.


Walk details

MAP: Red = GPS satellite track of the walk.

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Distance - 7.57 km / 4.7 miles.


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