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This walk: 2009-11-5. Widecombe (St Pancras) Church, heifer, East Webburn River, alpacas, roe deer, Honey Bag Tor, rainbow, Haytor, Hound Tor, Chinkwell Tor, cairn, Bell Tor - plus 2nd page of photos taken in the village.

This walk was based on the "Widecombe" leaflet in the Footloose collection of Dartmoor walks.

Walk details below - Information about the route etc.

Second page of photos taken around the village


St. Pancras Church at Widecombe-in-the-Moor, known as "The Cathedral of the Moors".


Heifer seen on the roadside.


East Webburn River.


Alapacas in a roadside field - the local story.


Are they members of The British Alpaca Society?


A disappearing roe deer - I'll never be a wildlife photographer!


Honeybag Tor, SX 728 786, elevation 445 meters (1459 feet).


Honey Bag Tor.


Honey Bag Tor.


Honey Bag Tor.


Looking west at Hamel Down from Honey Bag Tor.


A hawthorn tree shaped by the prevailing wind.


Zoomed view to Haytor Rocks, 3.4 km (2.1 miles) distant, from the top of Honey Bag Tor.


Rock formation at Honey Bag Tor.


Haytor in the distance with, looking right, Saddle Tor and Rippon Tor, leading up to (closer) Top Tor.


Zoomed view to Rippon Tor.


Looking towards the next objective, Chinkwell Tor, SX 729 782, elevation 456 meters (1496 feet).


Hound Tor, SX 742 789, 1.44 km (0.9 miles) distant.


Another rock formation at Honey Bag Tor.


View north from Honey Bag Tor, with a walker hanging on the wind at the edge.


Another view to the north.


Lunchtime rainbow ....


..... zoomed view.


Unidentified feature - I should have taken a bearing! Possibly the Seven Lords Lands cairn.
I don't think so. Ten years later, deduced it is Emsworthy Rocks with an end-on view of Saddle Tor.
Plus, I have readjusted the image.  26 October 2019.


Looking back at Honey Bag Tor.


One of two cairns at the top of Chinkwell Tor.


Looking down on Widecombe-in-the-Moor - note the church.


Looking down on Bell Tor, SX 730 778, elevation 404 meters (1325 feet).


Rays of sunlight through the rain clouds.


Hound Tor, as the sun comes out.


As previous photo.


Looking back at Bell Tor, any graininess is probably due to the effect of the rain that was falling at this time - see next photo (taken on turning in the opposite direction) .....


Bonehill Rocks, the streaks from top-right towards bottom-left are caused by the rain - it was "skeeting down" (that's Cornish vernacular!).


Walk details

MAP: Red = The red line is the GPS satellite track of the walk.

Ordnance Survey © Crown copyright 2005. All rights reserved. Licence number 100047373.
Also, Copyright © 2005, Memory-Map Europe, with permission.


The walk was accessed from the A38 from Plymouth using the Newton Abbot exit after Ashburton and following the signs to Sigford, then via these junctions: Hooks Cross (do not turn right for Sigford), Owlacombe Cross, Halshanger Cross, Cold East Cross and Hemsworthy Gate junctions. Parking is at the  P  symbol on the map, on entering the village, with toilets.

To see photographs of Widecombe village, click HERE.


Distance - 7.05 km / 4.4 miles.
Start 10.50 am, Finish 1.20 pm, Duration 2 hr 30 min.
Moving average 4.3 kph / 2.67 mph; Overall average 2.7 kph / 1.68 mph.



All photographs on this web site are copyright ©2007-2016 Keith Ryan.
All rights reserved - please
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